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Dresses To Wear To a Wedding for Men

This is an inescapable situation that most of the men have to face several times in their lives. Deciding what dresses to wear to a wedding for men involve almost Sherlock homes detectives’ viewpoint. However, to help them, there are certain rules of thumb to consider, which would guide them to dress themselves in an appropriate way.

Believe it or not but there are chances of getting some help from the invitation card itself. May be the couple has decided what they want their guests to wear. The card might contain words like black tie, white tie, etc. you must also check whether the card is a formal one consisting of thick page and brilliant calligraphy or an informal one containing pictures of the couple or some jokes.

dresses to wear to a wedding for men Men

Another idea is that you can call your friend either of the two persons of the couple (bride or groom) and ask what the dress code or color code is. This will also show that how much you are interest in their celebration and would, make them feel blessed to have you as their friend.

You can get a hint of the dress code from the venue of the wedding too.  Wearing a tuxedo in a beach wedding would look too odd. Check out the venue first and then decide.

Dresses To Wear To a Wedding for Men Male

Black Tie wedding

In a black tie wedding, the answer to your question what dresses to wear to a wedding for men becomes easy as all what you need is to take your tux kept in the wardrobe for these functions.

If this formal wedding is more of a traditional one then you need to pair your tux with a black tie. However, if it’s not and you want to make your own fashion statement, then you could try out a colored cummerbund.


For an outdoor wedding:

Avoid wearing a dark suit if the wedding is taking place in bright sunny afternoon. Go for a light colored suit with a jacket that can be easily taken off if required.
If it’s an evening wedding, then carry an extra jacket with you to be ready for unexpected cold weather.

Dresses To Wear To a Wedding for Men Men1


Wedding in the morning:

In the most casual morning or afternoon wedding party, it’s ideal for a man to be dressed in the following:
A good shirt, slacks and a tie.

For a formal wedding, you must go with:
A jacket with a light-colored  suit.

Dresses To Wear To a Wedding for Men Casualmen


Wedding in the evening:

A dark suit, tie or anything like tuxedo works best and is quite appealing.


Dresses To Wear To a Wedding for Men Man


The above picture shows a Men Vintage Black Edwardian Period Dress Clothing Wedding Prom Tuxedos Outfit which is an ideal dress for formal evening wedding party.


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Don’t be worried about breaking the rule of following tuxedo culture.  All what you need to do in your friend’s wedding is to honor the bridegroom.

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